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Jevin Julian

  • Music, curiosity, and learn. These are all words used to describe Jevin’s passion. He was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, July 31, 1991. Based on the great ideals to become a professional musician and be the incarnation of his father. Right in the second millennium he began his musical journey. Starting from the classical piano lessons, which in the end he felt bored and sleepy while studying piano, so he chose the drums as an instrument that will be studied further. After one month he learned the drums, he entered a music school called Institut Musik Daya Indonesia. Surely drums as his main instrument, and again required to learn piano as a minor instrument. And he realize that piano is very important in playing music. Therefore, he was very excited to learn music. Starting from 2005. Jevin began performing as a traditional jazz drummer. Jevin has played in some big events, such as the Java Jazz Festival, Soundrenaline, Java Soulnation Festival, PRJ Jazz Festival, Jazz Goes To Campus, etc. Beatbox is one thing that has been learned by Jevin. In late 2008 he made a Human Beatbox community, which is now known as Indobeatbox, Indonesia’s largest beatbox community and one of the biggest beatbox scene in the world’s beatbox community. He became the second winner in the competition beatbox Indonesia, and the first winner of the Road to LA Lights Soulnation Championship. Then gained experience as a jury in some beatbox championship. In late 2010 he became an official endorsee KORG synthesizer and JTS microphone. He began to enter the realm of Electronic Dance Music. He made an electronic music project with garage rockers, Mohammad Iqbal. Jevin gave “MassiveKontrol” as the project name, which means “we should be able to control a large crowd, through our music.” Within two years, Jevin has got a lot of experience. Jevin started making music score for the production of visual, movies, commercials, remixes, re-arrangement and decided to enter the world of the music business. He remixed a song called “Kanye”, a song created by one of the great bands from Indonesia named “Nidji”, has been released internationally. He performed as a DJ at one of the biggest Electronic Dance Music event in Asia, “Djakarta Warehouse Project 2012″ , He also made a scoring music for “5 CM: THE MOVIE” by Soraya Intercine Films Production.
  • Old Doll | 50K Giveaway Compilation | PLAY ME RECORDS
  • Nordics | Basshead Compilation
  • CVX - Metro (JVN remix) | Subtropical Vol.1 | INVERT RECS


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